Special Systems for Research and Testing :

The constant collaboration with Universities, ENEA, experimental development centers health of cultures (agricultural, ornamental, forestry, floriculture, miscellaneous), animal health, food and drug safety has definitely helped to get the consensus of many accomplishments in the micropropagation, growth industry , etc.
Can be realized accompanied structures of completely automatic plants of any size thanks to the use of microprocessors, custom PLC and software of our own design was possible to create multi-purpose systems in order to fulfill the most demanding requirements of our customers.

Typical industry applications:

• Climatic micropropagation Rooms in vitro
• Air-conditioned laboratories;
• Growth Rooms with Phytotrone systems;
• Rooms with multipurpose facilities for germination and growth
• Prefabricated cabinets with multipurpose facilities;
• Cells with air conditioning systems for insects.
• Electrical panels of command, control and management systems with microprocessors, PLC and customized software.