Isothermal Rooms and Refrigerate Warehouse

Thanks to the expertise gained over the years, we are able to meet any productive demand, designing both individual systems, that entire cooling structures by using of the most innovative knowledge, technological and managerial. 

The Monti & C guarantees its customers the high quality of the products, the facility of use and reliability of the plants built. We realize isothermal rooms and refrigeration systems, with the use of prefabricated modular panels "sandwich", that for their characteristic allow the modularity of all dimensions, even with custom sizes. The lining of the paneling can be fiberglass, AISI 304 stainless steel, galvanized steel, galvanized pre-painted and galvanized plasticised. 

The thickness of the panels can be from mm. 30 to mm. 240 insulated with self-extinguishing polyurethane resins, high-pressure injected with density 40 kg / mc. The panels are suitable for food processing area - Resistant to chemicals, washable - resistant to mold and bacteria, in accordance with EU directives.  

There are many uses and applications of cooling systems in all commercial and industrial sectors, processes and transformations, direct or indirect:

- Cold Storage
- Freezing
- Air conditioning
- Processing rooms
- Construction of electrical systems and electrical cabinets with computerized systems for management, monitoring and remote assistance.