Floriculture and Plant Nursery

The Monti & C thanks to long experience gained over the years, and a special sensitivity, the result of countless realizations throughout the Italian territory, has helped to gain experience for the construction of cooling plants targeted at refrigerated preservation specific of the various kinds of flowers and plants.

From producer, to the merchant, to shops, to the small shops located in the most remote locations, they must have special isothermal rooms, complete with suitable systems for specific conservation of flowers and plants, which allow precise control of temperature and relative humidity, and our company is able to propose specific solutions to the needs of the customer with turnkey products, from initial site survey to the phase of construction and testing with an excellent after-sales service..

Typical industry applications:

- Flowers
- Flower bulbs
- Talee
- Rooted cuttings
- Refrigerated preservation and forcing seasonal potted plants
- Refrigerated Showcases
- Cash and carry